Why do People Lie

So let’s be honest with ourselves first “we all lie” to varying degrees. Call it a white lie if you want, but bottom line it’s still a lie. I was reminded of that one time, when my then Guru pulled me when I stated that I only tell white lies, I was in-fact attempting to jump the gun, when the fact remains A LIE IS A LIE IS A LIE no matter how big or small, so a white lie is still a lie.

We begin the art of lying around the age of 4 or 5, we are then beginning to master the art of language, we learn that we can get out of trouble or get something we want if we tell a FIB, so the “manipulation” continues from there.

I always say that if one tells the truth, then one does not have to remember a lie, if we have to sugar coat things sometimes to not offend someone or hurt their feelings, then that is emotional intelligence at play. A person that lies on a constant basis, wether it be about small or large things, has a serious past trauma emotional issue.

I remember for years I would listen to my then husband continually lie to his Mother and work associates. I would ask “Why do you do that” he could never respond with an answer, but just a look, it was the look of “because I can”. plus if he told her the truth it would hurt her. telling the truth can often times hurt, but the truth shall set you free. Plus i prefer to be around people that tell me the truth because then I can address the issue, if there is an issue to address. I know a person thats surrounded with well trained puppy dogs, that dare not step out of line and tell the true true for they will be cut off and not be allowed to communicate with them, that fear keeps them within the constraints of the relationship

Bottom line is we have all lied at some point for various reasons. Even governing bodies and politicians lie which obviously affects us in a greater degree as they are in positions that are meant to have our interests at heart, when in fact the only thing they truly care about are their agendas

We need to work on our own emotional intelligence so we can understand ourself better, we can then understand others to a higher degree, which will then give us the power to be able to see the lie and the lier, dealing with the situation from a higher state of awareness is being true to yourself.

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