Raising Your Frequency

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe

Think in terms of energy , frequency and vibration” 

Nikola Tesla

EveryTHING is energy, This universal Matrix of life we find ourselves immersed in is a vibrational world, this universal energy is continuously moving, vibrating and shifting into various forms. The flowers that grow on an orchid, the tree that sways in the breeze outside your window, your computer, and lets not forget you, you are no exception to this universal law, this matrix.

The chair you are sitting on and the desk on which your computer rests, even the mouse you are using to scroll these pages on this website, may appear solid, but what if I was to tell you they really consist of millions and millions of subatomic particles racing, popping and bouncing around, your naked eye cannot see them in this form, non-the-less thats whats going. 

Your own personal vibrational frequency affects your reality. When you are resonating on a low frequency your life is shit, and the equal and opposite, when you resonate on a high frequency your life is pretty hot, know what I mean ?  Your emotional states, the highs and the lows, are just all different levels of vibration, when your thoughts and feelings are those of fear, hatred, envy, anger, grief and despair you will resonate on a very low frequency, while your thoughts and feelings of love, joy, happiness, gratitude will resonate on a very high frequency, starting to get the picture!!

The Law Of Vibration is a Universal Law

Every Thought, Feeling and Emotion you have resonates on a certain frequency, you can clearly differentiate the frequency you are riding on by honestly looking at your thoughts, feelings and emotions, then taking a cold hard look at your LIFE !!  You will always attract to you like a magnet all the stuff or all the wonders of the universe equivalent to that energetic frequency. In essence you are a tower of energy endlessly transmitting your thoughts and feelings into the universe, your vibrational frequency is DIRECTLY affecting your physical world. Having a shitty day, your on a low frequency which is a shitty frequency, Having a great day, your on a high frequency which is a great frequency to be on, and preferably one that you need to be spending most of your time on, that is also where the 5D reality lives and where you should be permanently residing, do the inner work and you will make the shift.

  • Shame … energy level 20
  • Guilt … energy level 30
  • Apathy …energy level 50
  • Grief …energy level 75
  • Fear … energy level 100
  • Desire … energy level 125
  • Anger … energy level 150
  • Pride …. energy level 175
  • Courage … energy level 200
  • Neutrality … energy level 250
  • Willingness … energy level 310
  • Acceptance … energy level 350
  • Reason … energy level 400
  • Love … energy level 500
  • Joy … energy level 540
  • Peace … energy level 600
  • Enlightenment … energy level 700 – 1000

Be honest, what does your life look like ?  If your life is filled with negative low frequency stuff, such as, negative and angry friends/people, complaining, negating others, a poor diet, full of fast food and take outs, use alcohol excessively, use drugs, continuous negative thoughts and feelings, then your energetic field will be cloudy, murky and not very healthy. Based on the fact that your vibrational frequency is the magnet that attracts your experiences, you will feel as if your are stuck in an endless spiral of crappy stuff, and a crappy life.

You are the one that is responsible for your frequency, no one else, you choose what you want to experience. So you need to step up and take responsibility for your world, a world that you are choosing to create. Bad habits, which are choices, need to be changed for better habits, which are choices.  You need to stop hating yourself and others, and start loving yourself and appreciating others. If you need to let people go because they choose to live in a low frequency, then let them go, so you can GROW into a better and higher frequency version of you. Then and only then, can you begin to live your best life possible.

Love and Light

Peace and Happiness

Magic and Miracles

For The Good of All

The Founder and content writer of The Peace Love and Happiness Movement

Yvonne is the founder and content writer for The Peace Love and Happiness Movement. She is passionate about emotional intelligence and personal growth. For the past 15 years she has made a study of human consciousness, and the changes that we need to make as individuals and collectively to live our best life possible.

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