The Art of of Being in a Conscious relationship

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Make a commitment with your partner to both move beyond the ego-defences that will arise whilst taking the journey towards full unity.
  • Communicate Honestly, no hidden feelings, everything is brought to the light, nothing hidden behind closed doors, anger, sadness, joy, fear are all discussed, each person able to listen without judgement or fault finding
  • Don’t take what surfaces from the ego-defence/negative programming too seriously, they more easily disappear when turned into play
  • Learn from every relationship interaction. Notice the defensive programming as it arises, over time you will gradually replace it with supporting, considerate, understanding words.
  • Discussion is an opportunity to become familiar with habitual listening filters, summarize what the other person has said, with no distortion, always ending with complete understanding and positive energy.
  • 100 % Accountability, do not blame, or claim victim status. Take full responsibility for your shit. From this empowered perspective the shit that does show up can be resolved quickly, without the need to attempt to find fault.
  • Appreciation of the partner will allow the conscious relationship to flourish. The relationship will take a quantum leap when each partner practices appreciation of the other. Speak appreciations frequently, understand what your partners true essence is, daily make a point of looking at what you appreciate about your partner at any given moment
  • True Love and the desire to grow together is the ultimate healer and liberator. Love as much as you can from where you are. When the urge to give up arises, which will happen when the shit is triggered on the path to relationship Nirvana, that will be the moment when LOVE and only LOVE can heal, the commitment to heal together and grow together will create miracles, Creating a deep sense of trust in knowing you both are striving for the same outcome which is a conscious relationship.
  • Forgiveness is key. All too often when we are hurt our instinctive unconscious reaction is to hurt back or withdraw, the fight or flight reflex is a learned response. A new neural pathway needs to be formed to respond in a more favorable manner, equating to a more favorable outcome.

Conscious intimate relationships give us the opportunity to deeply evolve on a personal level. In our partner we find powerful and deep mirrors that reflect the true ego driven persona, that is often so elusive from self. When we throw into the equation that “we are all connected” “we are all one” then the realization of unity almost automatically makes our intimate relationship more conscious. after all, how can we not forgive, if the one who inflicted the pain is nothing less than a part of ourselves, compassion is almost then inevitable when one begins to truly understand that punishment is based on the delusion of ego driven separateness.

In some cases, an elevation in consciousness both personally and collectively as a couple,  can equate to growing apart, coming to a clear conscious understanding of self and the other person can lead to a decision that will end a relationship that was once so deeply committed to growth, both parties outgrowing the relationship, ultimately evolving to a level of consciousness that allows them to SEE they are no longer compatible.

Everything I share comes from my experiential reality, everyone is more than welcome to contribute their own thoughts and feelings on the subject of a conscious relationship. My intention here is to share the wisdom I have gained from my commitment to my own personal growth. NAMASTE

The Founder and content writer of

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Yvonne is the founder and content writer for The Peace Love and Happiness Movement. She is passionate about emotional intelligence and personal growth. For the past 15 years she has made a study of human consciousness, and the changes that we need to make as individuals and collectively to live our best life possible.

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