3D or 5D – Your Choice

3D or 5D – Your Choice

You have a choice to make the shift from this dense 3D reality, to the higher vibration and lighter 5D reality.

Your perception of your reality is created though your thoughts feelings and emotions. At this stage in your ascension you are vibrating on the frequency of the 3rd Dimension. Your spirit or soul made a choice to come here, there are things you need to learn, there are experiences that need to be experienced, there are unresolved issues from past life times that need resolving, there is love that needs to be shared and most importantly there is a great deal of healing that needs to take place. All of which will allow you to move up the Dimensional frequency ladder, which most of us seekers can relate to as ascension, except this time its the ascension to the 5th Dimensional frequency of love and light, a completely different ball game than the 3rd dimensional reality you have become accustomed to.

But first there is a caveat

The ascending dimensional shift from 3D to 5D comes with a caveat, but don’t worry, its a good caveat.

To begin, You will need to leave behind the old way of thinking, seeing and doing and learn a completely new way of thinking, seeing and doing. You will need to change the frequency you have resonated on for this life time so far, you will need to raise your frequency to resonate on that of pure love and light, you know how to do it, you have just forgotten. Your a seeker, You came to this site to learn a new way. So lets begin.

Thoughts are Things

If You Are Not in Control of Your Thoughts, You are Not in Control of Your Life

Consider that your mind is akin to a Quantum Computer, a computer that is programmed by inputting data from your exterior world, a world full of external governing forces, which are then inputted, exchanged and computed , with the end result translated into thoughts feelings and emotions. In other words, you are creating, one thought at a time, the world that you think you perceive around you, and so it continues. You move from one conceptualized thought, to the other, equating that thought and  spitting out feelings and emotions. The end result = emotionally creating your inner world, emotionally creating your outer world. 

So the big question is – how real is your world ?

What is real? How do you define ‘real’? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.


The answer been, its as real as you think it is

The Good News

You Control Your Thoughts, Your Thoughts Do Not Control You

I’m trying to free your mind. But I can only show you the door.

You’re the one that has to walk through it.

Begin to change by observation of self, become aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. How you feel at any given moment is your gauge. How you feel is also giving you the answer to the frequency you are resonating on, the frequency you are creating through your emotions. Emotions that you are allowing to control you, emotions that are governed by the outside influences around you, a world which you have created to keep you in-prisoned within your comfort zone, a world which you will fight to remain inside of, for fear of stepping out of your comfort zone, a world governed by fear.

DAMN, a tough pill to swallow, but the truth never-the- less

Free Yourself From Emotional Hijacking

Become aware of the triggers that send you into into an unconscious emotional hijacked state, , usually showing itself as aggression or fearfulness, or the flight or flee response. An extreme emotional outburst towards another person or inanimate object, caused by a perceived incident which then triggers the anger or fear reaction to surface from the subconscious, or in other words the amygdala has kicked in and taken over from the neocortex  Consider how many times this has happened to you. Someone or something says or does something that causes an emotional reaction in you, or visa-versa, you say or do something in return and the other person also becomes emotionally hijacked, if the two people are unaware of their emotional state, then things will start to get a little cuckoo, you will both end up in a tennis match of back and fourth unconscious emotional anger driven and fear driven responses, firing the fuel of each others triggers or firing the fuel of the amygdala. By then the lights have gone out and nobody is home.

Before you react, observe yourself, think before you become emotionally hijacked and respond in an aggressive or fearful manner. You can counter the emotional hijacking and begin to rewire your brain so future responses have a more rational  favorable and peaceful outcome, coming from a controlled response rather than reacting is your ticket to emotional freedom and the beginning of your ascension to the 5th Dimension. Remember the 5th Dimension is the frequency of “Love & Light, Peace and Happiness” you can only get there when you elevate your frequency from the 3rd Dimensional frequency of anger, hate, confusion, lack, thoughtless words, negative comments and temper tantrums.

There is Nothing Either Good or Bad, There is Only Thinking That Makes it So


By the actual act of observing ones emotions over time you will be training your brain to become more emotionally intelligent, and the more you observe your thoughts feeling and emotions, the more you will be able to understand, identify and subdue an emotional hijack. You will be literally rewiring your brain with the added benefit of improving your life, by changing the way you perceive your reality.

Practice proactive empathy, when interacting with others, deal with them in a manner in which you wish to be dealt with, by doing this you are leading by example. Be patient with yourself and with others, change takes time, it has taken a lifetime of repetitive learned behavior to situations to get you where you are today, emotional hijacking did not happen overnight, the unlearning of an old way replaced with the learning of a new way will not happen overnight, but constant focused attention and time will bring you the changes you desire and deserve

We Create Our Experiential Reality

Love and Light

Peace and Happiness

Magic and Miracles

For The Good of All

The Founder and content writer of The Peace Love and Happiness Movement

Yvonne is the founder and content writer for The Peace Love and Happiness Movement. She is passionate about emotional intelligence and personal growth. For the past 15 years she has made a study of human consciousness, and the changes that we need to make as individuals and collectively to live our best life possible.

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