Conscious relationships

“Love , ultimately is a practice. A practice of acceptance, being present,

forgiveness, and stretching your heart into vulnerable territories”


Intimate relationships hit a new paradigm some years ago, following along with the new cultural revolution of enlightened individuals seeking Nirvana. Making sense as once the sleeper awakens then its damn near impossible to be in an intimate relationship with another who is not seeking the same and wanting to take the same journey with you along the road to NIRVANA.

Unconscious Love – Satisfaction of personal needs is usually why most people get into relationships. Breaking down after a while when the “SPARK” has gone, the needs are no longer been met and neither one of them know how to BE in a relationship that has lost its luster. Both unsatisfied they break up, taking their shit with them and moving on to the next victim.

Conscious Love – The coming together of both partners with the ultimate purpose of collective growth as a couple as well as individual growth.

When two people come together for the purpose of growth, then it becomes a partnership both striving to expand their individual and collective consciousness, more than they ever could alone. Growth then comes first, a commitment to the experience of physical, mental emotional and spiritual growth takes precedence, the willingness to strive towards expansion,  far out-ways the risk of outgrowing the relationship.

Conscious Relationships can be regarded as two people coming together to break free from the old patterns that all too often plagued past relationships, where criticism, blame and keeping secrets from one another are the order of the day. Repetitive cycles such as the push and pull of getting close then getting into conflict, over time and with diligent practice, can all be overcome. The desire to grow together and individually, eventually manifests as a conscious relationship virtually free of blameful and critical words. The pain behind the need to hurt the other, over time has been healed, through honesty, discussion, commitment and understanding the conscious relationship will thrive when each partner commits to total union.

The Art Of Being in a Conscious Relationship

Practice Makes Perfect

Everything I share comes from my experiential reality, everyone is more than welcome to contribute their own thoughts and feelings on the subject of a conscious intimate relationship. My intention here is to share the wisdom I have gained from my commitment to my own personal growth and my commitment to growth within a conscious intimate relationship. NAMASTE

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Yvonne is the founder and content writer for The Peace Love and Happiness Movement. She is passionate about emotional intelligence and personal growth. For the past 15 years she has made a study of human consciousness, and the changes that we need to make as individuals and collectively to live our best life possible.

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    A lot of information to think about. It will definitely help me improve myself and becoming a better partner.

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